Horseradish Jellies

Our horseradish jellies each reflect their own particular characteristics. Taste them and their flavors will develop on your palate, leaving you wanting more.

J.J. Stewart Horseradish with Raspberries – the complimentary one!

Bursting with flavours that will remind you of summer! A perfect complement to raw oysters, tuna, shrimp, ham, beef, stews or casseroles.

J.J. Stewart Horseradish with Cranberries – the savoury one!

Infused with cranberries to make sure we keep that homemade taste. This jelly pairs nicely with chicken dishes, turkey, meat pies, pork, as a dip for eggrolls, wonton wraps and on sandwiches.

J.J. Stewart Horseradish with Red Peppers – the sassy one!

An old time favorite that offers a combination of hot and sweet flavors which always make you want more. Its sassy blend is perfectly whisked into coleslaw, over ice cream, with boiled cabbage, over cream cheese and crackers, or as an accompaniment to roast beef.