J.J. Stewart Wild Blueberry Maple Syrup – the irresistible one!

What a delicious combination of Island wild blueberries and pure dark maple syrup. Enjoy mixed with smoothies, coffee, milk, and as a topping over ice-cream, pancakes and desserts.

J.J. Stewart Wild Blueberry BBQ Sauce – the summery one!

A must for every summer BBQ as a marinate or glaze for meats and fresh vegetables.

J.J. Stewart Wild Blueberry Salsa – the picante one!

Our sassy blend of wild Island blueberries, onions, and peppers. Use as a dip with tortillas, a glaze over meats, ham, and chicken, baked brie, or simply as an accompaniment.

J.J. Stewart Cream Cheese Spread – the pleasing one!

A pleasing blueberry and cheese blend that is great as a topping for bagels, toast, crackers, and canapés.