J.J. Stewart Maple Mustard with Romano & Parmesan Cheese – the combination one!

A wonderful marriage of cheeses that meld together to provide a winning combination of flavors, you’ll want to use this sauce one with tomato dishes, BLT’S, hotdogs and mouth-watering Island sausages.

J.J. Stewart Original Maple Mustard – the original one!

Presents itself as a mustard that is not too strong or too weak…a perfect blend of that authentic dark maple syrup and yellow mustards. Enjoy with pork, roasts, mixed with mayonnaise in sandwiches, and added to potato salads.

J.J. Stewart Maple Mustard with Cranberries – the tempting one!

A well rounded mustard with a discerning texture that will tempt your taste buds. Delicious with chicken, pork, sausage, or as a glaze over most meats.

J.J. Stewart Maple Mustard with Peppercorns – the zesty one!

A zesty blend of peppercorns and authentic maple syrup, this coarse and tangy mustard is a favorite with pates, ham, sausages, grilling beef, and pork. Add as a fiery kick to sauces and dips.

J.J. Stewart Maple Mustard with Dill & Chardonnay – the saucy one!

The perfect balance of spicy herb and Chardonnay, its texture makes for a delicious glaze or sauce over salmon, roast beef, pork, as a spread on sandwiches, or with egg dishes.